6 Ways to Motivate your Children to Learn


No matter how much you try, there are always children who just don’t seem to take an interest in learning. At times, you may even feel like giving up on them.
However, these children need you to continue investing your time in them. They’re your children – so if you don’t try, who else will?

Here are six strategies you can use to motivate them!
1) Believe in them
Everything starts from trust. If you assume your children will fail, you’re setting your expectations too low for them. But if you believe in them, they can live up to your expectations – because your belief will be their strength and motivation to try.

2) Encourage them
Sometimes, students who appear lazy are actually discouraged because they’re having difficulties in learning. Your words and actions will mean a world of difference to them. Guide them one-on-one and show them that they can do the work too!

3) Use memory work and recitation
Ask your kids to tell you certain facts or equations throughout the day, before play and bed. Memorisation is not really a favoured form of learning nowadays, but it does work. After all, that’s how we all learnt our alphabets and timetables, right?

4) Make learning fun
Yes, learning can be fun. Read educational text with your children, but weave in some funny stories along the way. This will help them enjoy leaning and associate the text with positive emotions!

5) Be wise with goal setting
More work does not necessarily mean that your children are learning more. Limit the quantity of revision work you give your kids, and focus on the quality instead. They’re only children after all, there’s only so much work they can do productively.

6) Talk to their teachers
Apart from you, the adults who spend the most time with your children are their teachers. Talk to them and find out how they’re doing in school. Get them involved in the development of your children and come up with solutions to help them improve together!