PAWER Skills Consultancy has been providing educational services for students aged 4 to 12 years old since March 1998.  Our tuition and enrichment programmes were introduced to 10 over primary schools, PAP kindergartens, National libraries, Community Centres , Residents’ Committee Centres, various educational centres in Singapore; Tampines,Woodlands, Toa Payoh, Whampoa etc.


To continuously research and provide through effective learning strategies and fun-filled learning activities- the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will facilitate learners to be start of a new life vision and work towards improving their ‘mental assets’, with a view of education as a life-long process.

Our programme hopes to improve students’ attitudes towards learning by arousing their motivation to achieve, through fun-filled lessons, quizzes and games, interspersed with interesting discussions and assessments. The sessions are never boring and will be highly interactive. In short, it is Fun Learning.


PAWER’s educational programmes are unique in Singapore. The achievement motivation and study skills training programme was proven effective in an action research done as a theses submission for the MA (Educational Management) programme at NIE / NTU.There are very few similar product offerings in the market, if not – none available, for an endorsed product and is proven effective in the local context. Constant upgrading and refining of the products are made to improve the quality.

The current trend is moving towards a higher knowledge based enterprise. Thus, research and development is very important. Mr Kelvin Goh is hoping to start his Doctoral study in NIE/NTU soon.

PAWER’s achievement motivation training and study skills programme, is the only programme in Singapore that was endorsed and proven effective in Singapore by NIE/NTU. The incorporation of the EQ elements in the other mainstream tuition subjects have achieved some major successes in improving students’ academic performance and its track records are highly evidenced from the many hundreds of testimonials from parents and students’ participants.

His thesis will research on the effectiveness of incorporating EQ into the mainstream teaching of school subjects. PAWER embarks on continual R & D as a form of cumulative learning mechanisms. Learning by searching, as the firm conducts R & D and thus builds up its competence base.

The Founder

Kelvin Goh is the chief trainer/founder of PAWER Skills Consultancy. His motivational training programme for primary school children was tested and endorsed effective in a research study at NIE/NTU. The programmes which he had taught had received hundreds of testimonials (He will be pleased to share with you the compilation book of a part of the hundreds of testimonials he received from past course participants) and the highly generous reviews from schools, National Libraries, Community centres and other learning centres);-They all add credibility to the already well-researched Proven programme and his commitment to deliver high service-quality educational programmes.