Effective Lesson Methodology and Delivery Methods


A 10-step approach to formulating our children’s’ programme.
1) Meaningful learning objectives
With clear learning objectives, children will be able to grasp the key point of each PAWER session.
2) Simple course structure
The simple yet comprehensive course structure will enhance students’ learning without any confusion.
3) Using prior knowledge
PAWER presents students with a combination of new and previously known information to students to help them retain the lessons better.
4) Organise content logically
Lessons are taught by modules, with topics and sub-topics for children to identify their progress.
5) Create engaging visuals
For the visual learners, there will be pictorial guides to sustain students’ interest throughout each lesson.
6) Use effective interactivities
To keep the children’s energy level and interest up, there will be effective class interactivities.
7) Include realistic scenarios
Realistic scenarios are formulated to engage the students at appropriate intervals.
8) Using case studies
Relevant case studies will be highlighted to inform the students.
9) Incorporate problem-solving
Problem-based solving allows students to think deeper and apply what they’ve learnt in their own lives when needed.
10) Develop assessments
Assessments are used to evaluate students to further strengthen their learning progress through constant feedback.