Emotional Skills (EQ) help children learn better.

Emotional Active Approach puts emphasis on the use of accelerated brain-based learning approach.

Fun-learning + High interest generated leads to meaningful learning, long-term storage of knowledge, motivation for further learning, active learning & collaborative learning

Over 2400 years ago, Confucius said:
What I hear, I forget,
What I see, I remember,
What I do, I understand.

Our Active Learning Method believes the following:
What I hear, I forget.
What I hear and see, I remember a little.
What I hear, see and ask question about or discuss with someone else, I begin to understand.
What I hear, see, discuss and do, I acquire knowledge and skill.
What I teach to another, I master.

Collaborative Learning & Peer Teachings are encouraged. Through Active Learning, we test the information learnt through games and quizzes.

Recap it and further reinforce learning through fun and active play which leads to impactful meaningful learning! The more intense the emotion, the stronger the memory!

Active learning also teaches other life skills; concentration and problem-solving skills, team-building skills such as the ability to communicate and group interaction.