Our Nation’s leaders’ thoughts on Character Education

                                              (Source from : The Straits Times & Yahoo News)

MOE to focus on values, character education

The priority in the years ahead will be to teach students about values and character so as to better prepare them for the 21st century…

To succeed, Singapore needs citizens with values: PM Lee

Calling on parents to support the recent changes to the education system …..

Emphasise students' holistic growth: PM Lee

While students will continue to be given a strong academic foundation, there is also a need to emphasise their holistic development  …..

Singapore needs more than just well-educated citizens and well-trained workers if it wants to succeed: PM Lee

Calling on parents to support the recent changes to the education system,

Are values taught or caught?

The behaviour of the parent impacts the child – whether they’re aware of it or not …..

Feedback from the public on Character Education

                                             (Source from : The Straits Times)

Building character a more important objective for education system

Education goes beyond the imparting of knowledge and skills. …..

Moral education as crucial as other subjects

Proper education is fundamental to a child’s success in life and, on a larger scale, it is fundamental to our country’s success. However, equally critical to a child’s development is moral education. …..

Focus on building character in young children

Our personality and consciousness are moulded and formed very early, before the age of six years. …..

Values education is an integral part of school curriculum

The inculcation of core values and life skills in students has been a long-held commitment of the Ministry of Education (MOE)  …..

Time right to focus on moral education

It is encouraging to see Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong emphasise the importance of character and values for our students …..

Reduce school curriculum for new initiatives to work

I am glad to hear the Ministers for Education talking about a slew of initiatives and the importance of creative thinking, entrepreneurship, sports and physical education, character building, resilience and team spirit …..

Treasure the Singapore Character

This is an excerpt from a speech by Education Minister Heng Swee Keat at an award ceremony of the Singapore Teaching and Academic Research Talent Scheme …..

Wanted: Joy of learning, entrepreneurial dare in students

We believe in nurturing the joy of learning so that every child can discover his interests, grow his passions, and love what he is doing …..