The Importance of Education

If you ask any parents why they send their children to schools and colleges, they will all say they are ensuring a decent means of livelihood in their children’s future. That being said, the mundane aim of education to obtain the necessary “paper qualifications” for jobs. Furthermore, parents will decide for their children the professions they aspire to be. Very seldom is there a parent who allow their child to pursue their own dreams.

What is noteworthy is that Man’s quest for insuring the future livelihood of his offspring has led him to ignore the high purposes of education. He hopes that his children will be properly educated and land himself into a respectable profession. It is immaterial whether that child has the right aptitude or calling for the selected profession.

According to Bertand Russel, character formation is an important function of education. I believe that vitality,courage,sensitiveness and intelligence form the basis of an ideal character.

Education,thus, aims at personality development. All educational institutions aim not only educating, but also moulding and developing ideal men and women who are cultured, sane, wise, tolerant and public spirited. Most time than ever, opportunities are always provided to students to imbibe high ethical and moral values.

All that is said is not that to deny that education should be employment-oriented. In fact, vocational training provided in some educational institutions actually stemmed from this mundane aim of some educators. But along with the task of training the youth to become qualified to take up jobs in the future, the task of building their character and personality is a more important purpose than former in education.